Happy Christmas turned 

into envisage New Years, 

Many gathered to form entity 

They drank, but not enough water of life 

The year seems so perfect

Until the dragon grew weak, 

Three headed beast 

But non seems to succeed


By: Penn

Instagram: @penngriffen

[email protected]



Many crises here and there before

boasts of war and weapons of death,

little wonder death sent his emissary,



The economies are torn apart,

only the eastern wallet is growing,

down the western? It is torn bitterly,

deaths in Europe, America, everywhere.


Shall this become another score of deaths,

or to say God’s anger? Human’s greed,

taken o’ve mankind; biochemical? Natural?

Vaccine or Cure; both are miracles to live.




Instagram: 1884_African

[email protected]


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