Albeit, in my infantile
Amoral being breaching two bridges
Intruding tongue lingering
Caution not from my leaping lips
And the pampered twins
At the balcony of your chest
Lured my merry mouth
I pressed, I squeezed
And I did not
Know its noble name.

But today
I speak of your succulent breasts
And the two dark dots
I licked like candy
Pinked my troublesome lips
Black seeds they seemed
But my tongue whispered
They are flesh of the flesh
See;I sucked, I tapped
And the twilight of time
Bore me no grasp
For I knew not its treasured title.

So, let me hear
The breathing of your breasts
Melt my gentle palm
Sheepishly massaging
Deep down the follicles
Of your emollient breasts
Feed my mouth more
With your flourishing milk
They have despised your breasts
They fail all the tests
But, let me sip again
From the flowing wisdom
At your neat nipples
Ceaseless craving creeps me
Of your blessed breast
Mother Africa.

Ogidiolu Afrocentric


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