Asake Asake!!
She's the morning beauty
 the rhythm of her footstep
gave my brother an hep
her black white eyeballs daring
fair in all part down to heart
her brain claiming to be brilliant and smart

Can someone spare me a pose??
every head wants to poke nose
her voice wakes every dull spirit
the journey of her steps inspirit
Let's take a sip and paddle together
you're worth the golden ink forever

Her appearance gives my nut a vibe
your gentle smile confuses in the lab
the curvy mapped hips is my dining table
My watery mouth is just a flable 

Asake!! Asake!!
Alade wants an hand
Alabi desires a band
take me on a journey with you
speak to my gentle steps of loo
and make our red ink spill in

Arewa Asake!!
Canoeing in the golden wave of love
and leaving our hands ungloved
your smile heals my pain
If I no love you wetin I gain
you're glittering to the heart
my ink approved the fact
just can't say it all
my heart can recall

She sent my fears away
and gives my weak thought a delay
pages of book can't be filled
you've grown to be healed
continue to grow in the joy of new songs 
with your driving feet kissing all thongs.


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