Where is our honour,
Where are the badges of honour of our great nation,
And the honor of we individually.

I can say;
Nigeria lost its edge because it lost its way.
We forget what we here for.

We talked about freedom and democracy
But we practised license  and anarchy.
Where there is no purpose,
There is no self-control,no moral conviction and no ethical boundaries.
Where is our honour?

Nigeria revive your honour,
The badges of honour.

The world needs you and the purpose for which you were born,formed,established,
Your birth is the evidence that your purpose is necessary to the world.

Let's work,unite together to restore our badged of honour.

Nigeria is the way it is 
because of why it is 
You are designed for your purpose
You are perfect for your purpose.

                            -Oluwabukunmi Solomon


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