This disaster is coming, it is cunning,

outrunning our hope, hope is burning,

the nation is up for auctioning; I'm running.


Youths are abandoning, like it's auditioning,

awakening ones, smitten! truth is deafening,

Nigeria is disheartening, hope is darkening.


Revolution is gathering; war is frightening,

growth is daily leaving, joy is daily orphaning,

return to nature's partitioning, I'm reasoning!





Oh boy, take chair make you sit for this seat,

the backseat don tear oooo tey tey,

since 1966, but 2time King mend am for 1976, for hin first reign.

as per say the needle no too strong, na so,

na so the needle break. 


You be millennia pikin oooo, so you no get 

solid back for that seat so; unfortunately,

the leather on top that shikini seat too don rough; Dem wey use am before no consider you millennia oooo!


Millennia, you for no even meet this seat,

but your two ancestors, Decree and Democracy; two of Dem no consider you!

Na so so chop chop, and self center Dem do.

Sorry say, your distant cousins, corruption and bribery, na Dem only your two ancestors like.


Your paternal uncle, nepotism, 

and your maternal aunt, tribalism,

na Dem still dey sidon for the better seat Oh!

Oh your seat no even get better leg, hahaha!

Yet, you talk say you be future of tomorrow,


Millennia, you no be orphan oooo,

you get Papa and Mama; but where Dem?

Your papa, truth, and mama, justice,

na your neighbors, imperialism and colonization perff Dem since 1914 oooo.


Now, as I don yarn you how this your seat take empty and tear-tear for yansh, waka,

go meet your guardian, Awakening and his brother Revolution, na Dem fit help you oooo.




How will that man feed? Man's household,

a man is only a man when his house is fed.


When will she be free? A woman's body,

a woman is made up of consciousness, soul.


What will that youth bank on? Youth's future,

a youth is everything about a nation's future.


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