After munching eba and egusi soup on a hot afternoon,I decided to visit my friend. I was already tired of admiring the pages of my textbook.Infact,romancing my bed was not the right option to ameliorate my boredom. "Haa,it's already past 5", I sololoquized loudly.I stood up and made for the door,adjusting the palm slippers to my feet as I jammed the door and headed to my destination. Saturday evenings have always been so long for me as a student. Books get tiring and to crown it all,I am not the social type.

   " Omo forget joor,that girl just dey form ni jare,with few thousands, I am sure of coming  between her legs",I overheard the discussion as I stood to knock at Jamiu's door."Who is at the door ",asked one of his friends in a baritone voice.He seemed to have taken few doses of hemp. I entered the room and was offered a seat. The whole room was occupied with  smoke and a loud music player setting the walls into vibration." Alaye,your friend is not around o,con dey go your house before it's late, or shey u wan sleep here "?,a guy asked as I nodded and left the room.Walking few meters, I was occupied with thoughts of Jamiu's wierd friends  .Only God knows where he met them.

 " Jibola,Jibola! ",shouted a voice waving on a bike as the motorcycle decelerated slolwy.It was Jamiu.He alighted from the motorcycle and we exchanged pleasantries." Where have you been since ,I don dey wait for you for your house",I asked him as we walked along the roadside. We chatted for a while and I went to my house.It was already 8:30 pm,I regretted not calling Jamiu before paying the visit . Though I wanted it to be a surprise package .Humming towards  my door ,I was shocked to see a strange figure, I had no clue of who or what I pictured. I flashed the light on my phone towards that direction."Hey it's me"said a feminine voice. "Oh Abigail, its you,what's up? Why are you here at this time? Hope no problem?",I paused for a while noticing that I have asked too much questions. She claimed to have come for some academic asssistance ,exams were fast approaching." Common, let's do this tomorrow or any other day. It's late now and I wouldn't want you to stay here for long",I tried persuading here to leave ."But,you know..........." She spoke as a loud gun shot interrupted .I opened the door and we both rushed into the room .Panting  ,trying to recover from the shock. I held my reading table and offered her a seat."Hen hen, back to our discussion .it's late and I'm not sure you would be able to sleep here ",I said gasping ." Just few minutes, I live in the next street .I am not also planning to sleep here",she replied with her legs crossed. I was a bit relieved when I heard."So what are we to dicuss together ",I asked as I backed her trying to bring out a book from my shelf. I noticed she was silent for a while. What might be happening? "Alright, let's....  ", I said as I turned towards  my table.An heavy rain started from no where and everywhere was dark.I switched on my lamp Behold,two huge breasts were poking as I saw her removing her bra." Abigail ,what's this nonsense.",I shouted angrily."Hey bobo,cooperate now ,unless you want me to shout rape.Upon how I have been trying to entice you  with these assets,you keep staring at your boring books",she spoke, threatening .I ran towards the door to make my way outside.lo ,she has kept the key as she removed it from her pants.Mhen! How did all these happen so fast? I have been too careless .I realised I had an earpiece in my ears .Probably that got me distracted.Or was I charmed?She was already half naked and I didn't know what to do.Her breasts dangling and her mouth full of smiles, winking at me ."I am doomed!",I shouted."Be a man joor",she said sexily as she tried to grab my hands.Series of thoughts ran through my mind in the midst of this great dilemma. The rain was still showering heavily and I had no choice than to beg the devil out of this girl ."No no",she pushed me to the bed .I resisted as I knocked my head against the wall. She jumped on me right there on the floor out of desperation and tried to unbelt my trousers.

" Jibola,your beans dey burn ooo",shouted a neighbour .I stood up and came back to life ."which kind dream be this?",I asked myself. I ran to the kitchen as I cried over my burnt beans(the last one for that matter).As I was mourning this loss in  my room ,I heard a knock on the door."Who is that",I asked pretending as if nothing happened to me."it's me Abigael ",replied the voice.

"Abi what???





I had a dream,

dream wished to be fulfilled.


A vision is here,

such as to make manifest.


I made a call of change,

people united to this struggle.


Better economy,

struggle for a saner country.


Dunghill of atrocities,

at our helms of affairs.


Revolutionary cleaning began,

tidying up corrupt leaders here and there.


Now, set, 2015,

to begin to enjoy our little sanitation.


Unknown, I had employed the service of a ripper,

who secretly brought corruption, and polluted us.


Ushering disunity and hatred,

the struggle for no-one but everyone is halted.


Now I must trek alone to 2019's polling boot,

who do I vote for, who will save Nigeria?





Oh Africa,

land of the beautiful, continent of the gods,

chart of beauty, foundation of human race,

complete with littoral boundaries of resources,

you, Africa, an advanced civilization in twilight

Wakanda is the present, telling the past glory of Africa;


Africa, quintessence of exquisiteness,

incarnation of rich culture and fruitful agriculture,

Oh Africa! How should I express thee in wake of Wakanda?

Africa how should I narrate your metier in the magnificent past?

and even now, your fecundity of virtuosos brought us Wakanda.


Wakanda, a creation in a continent of Africa,

you are a city as well, run by people of Melanin,

bejewelled so imperially like the lions of Selassie,

it is through you that we have seen Africa, Wakanda;

now, illuminate from the future and save the existing Africa.






Africa is a beautiful land with beautiful scenery,

your territories are filled with riches,

you are the source of us all, Africa.


Black is beautiful,

It is natural and filled with riches.

Africa is home to nature.


Oh Africa, you are endowed with good soil,

your land brings comfort,

you cannot be condemned by those stealing from you.


They sold us mirrors and guns,

with deceit, they stole our lands and killed our heroes,

they gave us burdens instead of their empty promises.


After years of scrambling and partitioning,

here  we are, putting it back in bits,

but alas! Our victory is here Africa.







Knocking on the sealed love,

tiling the soil of your heart,

here I am, watching out every day for this love,

open your heart Eddie, let me in, into your thought.


I will be waiting for that great day,

hoping preciously for that day in May,

the day you will open your arms,

and let your warmth into mine,

the day you will let me into your soul.


For all rainy and sunny days,

I, Morgana shall stick to your wizardry,

spells and enchantments of love shall flow,

like the river of the nine kingdoms,

our love shall blossom like the rod of Moses.


Oh, Eddie, I have got your moves,

this love is not what it seems,

now I know love is indeed a game,

like hunting game, so is love,

who becomes the hunter and the hunted now?




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