This disaster is coming, it is cunning,

outrunning our hope, hope is burning,

the nation is up for auctioning; I'm running.


Youths are abandoning, like it's auditioning,

awakening ones, smitten! truth is deafening,

Nigeria is disheartening, hope is darkening.


Revolution is gathering; war is frightening,

growth is daily leaving, joy is daily orphaning,

return to nature's partitioning, I'm reasoning!





Oh boy, take chair make you sit for this seat,

the backseat don tear oooo tey tey,

since 1966, but 2time King mend am for 1976, for hin first reign.

as per say the needle no too strong, na so,

na so the needle break. 


You be millennia pikin oooo, so you no get 

solid back for that seat so; unfortunately,

the leather on top that shikini seat too don rough; Dem wey use am before no consider you millennia oooo!


Millennia, you for no even meet this seat,

but your two ancestors, Decree and Democracy; two of Dem no consider you!

Na so so chop chop, and self center Dem do.

Sorry say, your distant cousins, corruption and bribery, na Dem only your two ancestors like.


Your paternal uncle, nepotism, 

and your maternal aunt, tribalism,

na Dem still dey sidon for the better seat Oh!

Oh your seat no even get better leg, hahaha!

Yet, you talk say you be future of tomorrow,


Millennia, you no be orphan oooo,

you get Papa and Mama; but where Dem?

Your papa, truth, and mama, justice,

na your neighbors, imperialism and colonization perff Dem since 1914 oooo.


Now, as I don yarn you how this your seat take empty and tear-tear for yansh, waka,

go meet your guardian, Awakening and his brother Revolution, na Dem fit help you oooo.




How will that man feed? Man's household,

a man is only a man when his house is fed.


When will she be free? A woman's body,

a woman is made up of consciousness, soul.


What will that youth bank on? Youth's future,

a youth is everything about a nation's future.




The merriment is finished,

many toes that walked here, are gone.

The anthill festival is destroyed,

crumbled by the hands of the Chiefs, the patriachs.


No god should go into oblivion,

yes! but that is a god that does not discriminate.

Our Chiefs wanted only a male on the throne,

and now, there is no male virgin to ascend the seat.


Mysogynists here and there,

feminists there and here,

nothing like Africans loving one another,

we are the original image molded on the 7th.


No man or woman is destined to rule forever,

not even the ones with the bloodline of Annunaki,

or those from the world of Orion will rule mortality forever,

but with love and perseverance shall we be free from our demons.






Asake, let our tongues meet,

in the wet arena of our mouths,

let's share a kiss at this hour.


Let's lay side by side,

staring into our hearts,

through our eyes and touches,

talking about the love,

we have made and we shall make.


When you, Asake is fast asleep,

I shall wake,

and cover your nakedness with my body,

I shall pray over this meal,

this meal that shall never tire my flesh.


But why going to Ibadan to learn?

Is the village education not good?

Asake, this love hurts me,

your voice is no more in my head,

why have you left me for the city?

Return with your heart intact as promised,

University is now your lover.





Warm hands of Asabi,
coiled around my neck,
exactly like the Boa Constrictor
at the forbidden forest of Lapojuda,
only that Asabi's love is not like Eve's.

Asabi, a goddess from Oya's clan,
crystal flow at heart like river Ahoyaya,
I drink of your spring daily, Asabi,
yet, I thirst more for your gentle tide of purity.

Asabi- ahgan, modest woman from Olodan,
you are Alkebulan's model for womanhood,
in memory of your death to breast cancer,
never were you an Abiku nor Emere,
like the Occult priest, Wingunfa, proclaimed.




Do you know of the first civilisation?
You should seek knowledge,
we've been here long ago,
when the eyes were at the knees.

All humans existed,
until the homeless spirits of heavens came,
and bore a race.
We are the original humans.

The faith of the cross and of the moon,
two most influential faiths of all,
both came from us.
Messiah came from us, and to us.
Look, the prophet too was one of us, not like they have painted him now.

We were first created,
we fell, we became lost to our creator,
he cried, for he knew we lost our glory.
Then came the wages of our fall,
torture, persecution, rape, slavery, colonialism, deaths, absurd laws, corruption, imperialism, oppression, greed,
money over health, immorality and lots.

In America and its corners,
that last race owes Africa 40acres,
somewhere in Europe,
you owe Africa billions of your wealth,
Oh! In Australia I remember,
you owe Africa an Aboriginal homeland,
In Asia, everywhere,
Africa is owed.
Even in Africa, the oppressor is owing big.

But know for sure,
Africa has children all over,
Now her Children demand a payback.
Not just in cash, but a return of Africa's stolen wealth and treasures in your land.

Rise Africa,
your children will return you home.
Not the whitened Egypt or xenophobic South; weeds amidst plants.
I mean your real children,
Africans with Africa in them will ship you home, mama, oh mother Africa!
I will speak of you Africa, oh Africa!

LL.B Hons (Ife), BL, LLM (GCD)

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