Alberto's Series



They didn't just trample on the name, Òlúbádàn!
They came to our school
and started to do like fool.

Hence, they awoke the fierce of Armageddon! 

The day came like all anticipated,
even the sky carried our label.
Pfuuuh Pfuuuh!
The game of samba started.

Òogbórí began to get pissed at the 2nd goal,
the dribble before the goal,
was what made the field blow. 

By the time it got to 5-0,
boys' joy was down to zero.

Our plan was to burst the ball. 
But, boom! a boy hit the ball.
And that didn't stop until it went above the wall.

Then, the rains of gathered stones. 
Many casualties were recovered with broken bones.

Adèkílẹ̀'s boys didn't get goodwill,
they entered our boys without chill.

One thing Òogbórí warned the boys about.
He said troubles would only bring itself about.
Although he still nurtures the trouble.
He was seen plotting wars on his table.

But, he insists no war brings peace.
It is either it leaves the village scattered in piece.
Or it causes the roof to mourn a piece.

In pure love,
all could be resolved.



You said you like not girls, 
except those endowed with big breast.
Your radar of Wi-Fi is really so hot.
Its amazing it automatically connects any hot-spot.

On the day you walked with Salewa, 
we heard the night chastised her with your manpower.
Kelechi, Khadija, Ibádílọ̀lá, Beatrice, Bankẹ́ , Lábákẹ́, 
80% of our jewels are all within your benefited bracket.

They say ladies are flowers, 
Our village is a known garden;
like the gold, to ivory Coast, 
like a goal to a Keeper on goalpost... 

You are like Lionnel Messi, 
you feast on our trophies without mercy.
You are like Arabian Traders;
you exploit our wealth with few rababas.
Just like an angry Harmattan, 
you remorselessly roast our roses without frying-pan.

Your vigil is dominated by melodies of "Oh Jeez!" 
Your true religion is only holy around fine cheeks.
Boys in The Association of fine-boy's, 
aren't really mad about this.
But it is this your silly case, 
that has been disturbing their craze.
So before it turns to a serious case, 
they said I should ask you; 
"Hope no be sey you dey craze?"


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