Life Began from
Africa and with Africa Shall it all end!

- Enoch Ojotisa -

History of Akewiartshouse

Akewi Arts House is a multi-arts & crafts organization; which specialises in media, print, electronic publishing, arts and crafts, and entertainment services. Akewi Arts House is motivated by the need to fashion a business path for Africans through the means stated above and opening a tunnel of creating, discovering and promoting both young talents across the African continents and for Africans in diaspora.

This idea, now generalized under the name of Akewi Arts House, is spawned from the rigour of economic hardship and waste of talents of many Africans across the globe. So ENOCH OJOTISA saw the need to create an economic platform for Africans throughout the world where their views, talents and future can be shaped into both economic and political greatness.

It is important to know that the establishment of Akewi Arts House will have a large positive influence on the educational and political sectors in Africa. Due to the current rate of growth and quick grasp of understanding in the world, it is pertinent that both the youths and the old have a platform, such as Akewi Arts House, to learn and become educated in different ways.

The writings, photography and music that Akewi Arts House intends to dish out gradually on this platform will be an avenue for African minded people to see the hidden truths of Africa. Akewi Arts House is in no way based on any religious foundation or motive. It is secular a nd wishes to accept all Africans or African minded people together, equally on the same platform. It is time for Africa to discover the Arts as her own in all forms.

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