Life Began from
Africa and with Africa Shall it all end!

- Enoch Ojotisa -


The mission of Akewi Arts House is to actively be of political and economic source of awaken consciousness to every African in seeing the beauty and success in African culture and arts.

Our Aim

The burning African passion that the team of Akewi Arts House share is based on the following objectives:.

  1. To rejuvenate the African culture
  2. To connect African arts minded
  3. To pursue prominence of African arts and its philosophy
  4. To strengthen Africa politically and economically

The Idea

This idea, now generalized under the name of AkewiArtsHouse, is spawned from the rigour of economic hardship and waste of talents of many Africans across the globe. So ENOCH OJOTISA saw the need to create an economic platform for Africans throughout the world where their views, talents and future can be shaped into both economic and political greatness.

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