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Akewi Arts House is a multi-arts & crafts organization; which specialises in media, print, electronic publishing, arts and crafts, and entertainment services. Akewi Arts House is motivated by the need to fashion a business path for Africans through the means stated above and opening a tunnel of creating, discovering and promoting both young talents across the African continents and for Africans in diaspora.

This idea, now generalized under the name of Akewi Arts House, is spawned from the rigour of economic hardship and waste of talents of many Africans across the globe. So ENOCH OJOTISA saw the need to create an economic platform for Africans

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ENOCH OJOTISA was born and raised in Ibadan, the current capital of Oyo state. He finished his secondary education at Nigerian International School in Republic du Benin. He studied law at the Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife and graduated in the year 2012. His revolutionary drive, produced his first collection of poems titled, Commoners Speech which was published on Sep 5th 2011. He was called to the Nigerian Bar on Nov 28th 2013. He further established his love for peoples revolution and joy in his African roots, by publishing another collection of poems on 15th July 2014, which is titled Cries From The Ocean. He established AKEWI ARTS HOUSE, initially as an online platform for promoting Media, Arts, Literature and indigenous African creativity as at March 2015. But by March 2018, he fully established AKEWI ARTS HOUSE LIMITED, so as to expand the economic development and fulfillment of his vision for himself, Africa and peoples of the earth.
After observing the one year compulsory NATIONAL YOUTHS SERVICE CORPS, Enoch Ojotisa worked as a Solicitor and doubled as Editor, before he traveled to further his studies at Griffith College Dublin, where he bagged his LL.M in International Human Rights Law. He returned to Nigeria in the year 2016, to help create a conducive religious, educational and economic environment for the youths in his suburb. He has organized several youths empowerment programs, and even facilitated events that show cased indigenous African talents.
He has had several book tours and promotion both home and abroad. Enoch Ojotisa, is not only a lawyer, but a revolutionary African poet, playwright, Essayist, Indigenous African composer, songwriter, Saxophonist, Actor, Public Speaker, Farmer, Philosopher and a Christian Missionary. Enoch Ojotisa, is a believer in Cultural identity.

CEO, Director

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