Adimula bids you peace,
Ifa Olokun knows your means
of surviving the annual sacrifical Jinx.
___________ Conflict of religious interpretation

You know the body is just a suit,
 you wear it till it's worn out;
then, pick another and start the party over again.
___________ Mortality's curse


Life for an Abiku is slippery,
just as feaces is slippery for the anus,
like corruption is slippery from justice here O!
________ Nai-ji-ri-iya


Lakunle, lied to Asabi onitiiro,
that he worked at the Rail station in Enugu,
meanwhile, he meant, Mail station in Erunmu.
________ Delilah's Deceit

Sapara got angry during the festival,
he said he now speaks Queen’s English,
yet he ate the the bushmeat given by Ogun.
________ Forgotten Culture

Kumapayi, said,
he’s got potion against death,
yet he climbs the palm tree with bear hands.
__________ Death’s wink

The modern priest forgets his bible,
devil appears for confrontation,
Priest goes on google for what to do.
__________ Prosperity Gospel



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