When shall the ones in diaspora return ?
I ask when shall they set foot upon our soil again?

When shall the sun from Kumasi no longer scare our brothers 
from their sunset of police Brutality?

When shall Trevor Martins leave America 
for Lagos or Accra or Freetown?
 Don't wait till another young blood is spilled.

Africa is home,
come back home,
though not as deceitfully beautiful 
as the shining metal of death pleading self defence;
yet, it can be as beautiful as the words of Marcus Garvey, 
surely as real as the honourable blood sacrifice of Malcom X.

When are we going to claim the Nile as ours?
When shall the princes of the North accept who they are?
When shall the nation at the feet of Africa sow its torn xenophobic clothes?

I sprout forth from thee,
yet you are a seed planted in me,
growing always with me,
I am from Africa,
for I'm first a Man labelled, Blackman.



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