Tell her, Begiola is lonely,

now I’m at loss,

Ibadan born never shows fear,

but here I am, shivering,

once again I’m betrayed,

even with my SUV and status,

my heart is broken.


Who can bring me back Wuraola?

is there any Knight in Ibadan,

that can rescue my beloved?

How many sacrificial items,

will it take Egungun Alapansanpa,

to return Wuraola to my arms now?


Ah! Luke 6:24,

will riches be my consolation now?

Oh No! Ori, take your riches,

and find me Wuraola again.

she’s stolen from me, my love is stolen,

snatched away by the cold hands of death,

just when I waved at her across the road,

Gbegilodo, agent of death, hit her!


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