From the river of love

Adisa wants a bowl

as the keeper of town,

day and night he strolled.


From the river of love,

Ajike wants a drum,

as the beater of beads,

she rolled her waist in dispair.


Adisa keeps the town,

at night seeks the bowl,

Ajike runs home,

to this flowing love, with heavy current.


Like a fetcher, Ajike fetches,

Adisa stared too, like a beggar,

at Ajike's rows of beads,

which kept running with Adisa's eyes.


Ajike is blind, to see genuine love,

Aladisa is deaf, to ear love beckoning,

his bowl is shaking,

leaking unknowingly, is Ajike's drum.


The sting of a Bee hurts

yet sweetness comes from Bees,

so is this love like a Bee's sting,

love between Adisa and Ajike.


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