so they say, "that not all that glitter is gold",

but you, Africa, is as a precious stone

formed in the heart of the goldsmith's heat;

for it is my job, to shapen you as love's goldsmith.


And so I pray thee, that I must shape yea,

Africa, thy heart, must I reform, into ALUMONI*

twinkle of a star represents nature's beauty,

but Africa's sunset depicts God's smile to mankind.


Oh Africa, come, sit upon my thigh,

let your early morning sun warm my heart,

and your scorching sun, charge my melanin,

a question I must ask you my love.


Have you ever seen God smile?

I have, on several occasions, during the rainfall,

the rainfall at the new moon's festival,

God's smile is made up of several colours you know?


Rainbow! Rainbow! Oh beautiful Rainbow!

Osumare! Upinde wa mvua! arc en ciel!

Yoruba, Kiswahili and French,

your three smitten political fingers*


Africa my love,

Rianbow is God's bright smile,

and I offer to you this gift of love of rainbow,

from the Nile down to the Zambezi river,


Come my love,

accept me into you with my burnt tongue of neo-colonialism,

do not hesitate to forgive my slightest mistake of second slavery,

Mauritania is not free yet of slavery, only accept this rainbow of love.


Africa, my heart, my queen,

my melanin brothers and sisters are still oppressed by fallen sons of God,

pity me this time again; and accept my last coin of nature's gift,

let the rainbow be our bond of hope for repossession of Africa's stolen glory.




*alumoni in Yoruba language means MINERAL RESOURCES.

*Osumare in Yoruba language means RAINBOW; in deeper context, it also means, GOD who is skilled in design and organizing with supernatural amusement.

Upinde wa mvua in Kiswahili means RAINBOW.

arc en ciel in French means RAINBOW; the reason why FRENCH is used in this context as African language is because of the political Negritiude years of our French speaking African nations.


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