Lákásagbá died in Lágbájá's house that day, I remember

I hear wailings, rumblings and diversified noises from their rooftops;

I'm certain that their drops of tears will penetrate a bulletproof

The drops of their tears of course looks everlastingly heart piercing;

Like their previous days of laughter was a waste away


I passed by their house again the next day

I wanted to stare, perhaps I'll learn more about the world as a kid

Then Bàami covered my eyes with his palm, as I expected

We walked past, but I hear noises in my head

I couldn't stop thinking about it, I couldn't


I then asked Bàami out of confusion, fear and in thirst for the truth

"Bàbá I don't want to die" with tears like drops of water on my face

"Bàbá I don't want to cry"

"Bàbá Lákásagbá had money and he died, Bàbá death will not take money from Olóyè Bórókìnì"

"Bàbá I ... Saw Lákásagbá the day before his death, I saw him Bàbá"


"Bàbá, is there something I must do that they didn't do"

"Bàbá take me home, perhaps those I care about won't cry;

"Bàbá I hope it's not painful, ah baba no one will listen when I speak again"

"Or Bàbá must I die to get there?"

" Bàbá where are we even going?" I asked as I was obviously scared about my existence


I am still in search for Ìyè, For I know that death is certain

Or did you see Ìyè for me? I heard a man came to die so that I may live

Bàbá did not answer my questions that day, death took him away too

Ha... Tell Olówó Ayé and those who live life like tomorrow will never come;

That they will die one day, I've seen people like them


Àlàní the wealthy blacksmith, had seven wives;

He died one sunny day like that

Ìyè! Ìyè!! Ìyè!!! You're not far away, I'll find you

I heard a man in white is the answer, who knows?

Even Bàbá died without an answer to my questions.


NAME:                      ENIAYEWU VICTOR





This poem is no new message, I’ve written this countless times;

Maybe this is just the visible version of it

I’m used to being left alone, and you can assume that I’m a fool

Love as we call it had a different meaning our dictionary


I’ve written this poem the exact number of times, I’ve been heart broken

I remember Kate in grade three;

She broke my tender heart and I broke the other half

Once bitten twice shy, they say right?


I’ve written this poem over and over again, at those moments;

You felt I subscribed to hiding my sanity, under the guise of humanity;

I learnt a lot of lessons already, and only if you knew that;

I really had some real affections but scared of heart bisections


I’ve written this poem, because I don’t want to miss you

I’m just a human with a fragile heart, and I heard love is heart piercing

I want you, yes I do but I don’t want miss you

Who knows if it’ll be better if privatized all these thoughts?


I’ve written this poem before

I’m not heartless maybe I just don’t want to be stupid, all in the name of love

I will still stare at you in my darkest hours, because I’ve been hurt; every time I open up

I’ve written this poem because I don’t want you to see me cry

How about loving you from afar?



NAME:                      ENIAYEWU VICTOR


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