Treasure Heart...By Kayode Oyedotun




At the foresight of creation 

Your glory exude and ease tension 

Valuable asset for all generation 

Fragile in look weak in voice 


Yet full of strength in decision making 

You are a blessing not just for me

But to human kind 

Your kindness envelope you with grace 


Oh my dame my damsel my seed of love

Priceless jewel complete bride 

Quintessential in my planning 

Pointer to my seeing


Synergy to my heart 

Tender succulent gentle in touch 

Humble and sobber to her crown 

You met me at the point of need 


And you created meet and mint

Now am in new heaven of love 

Worm in this oven of love

Worldly dames worldly needs.



Asake Asake!!
She's the morning beauty
 the rhythm of her footstep
gave my brother an hep
her black white eyeballs daring
fair in all part down to heart
her brain claiming to be brilliant and smart

Can someone spare me a pose??
every head wants to poke nose
her voice wakes every dull spirit
the journey of her steps inspirit
Let's take a sip and paddle together
you're worth the golden ink forever

Her appearance gives my nut a vibe
your gentle smile confuses in the lab
the curvy mapped hips is my dining table
My watery mouth is just a flable 

Asake!! Asake!!
Alade wants an hand
Alabi desires a band
take me on a journey with you
speak to my gentle steps of loo
and make our red ink spill in

Arewa Asake!!
Canoeing in the golden wave of love
and leaving our hands ungloved
your smile heals my pain
If I no love you wetin I gain
you're glittering to the heart
my ink approved the fact
just can't say it all
my heart can recall

She sent my fears away
and gives my weak thought a delay
pages of book can't be filled
you've grown to be healed
continue to grow in the joy of new songs 
with your driving feet kissing all thongs.




Morning to you,
love and affection; 
in all times and seasons,
spillage of feelings, yet not sufficient,
for this love is immortal, it is Awelewa.

Love is truly amazing,
patience, test becomes best of love.
Love is truly sweet,
perseverance, to taste its sweetness;
love is a healer,
takes unwavering loyalty; 
to be healed by love.
Please persevere and;
understand my short comings
love will heal us at last... 

Love is imperfect,
imperfect because of expectations,
when anger vanishes and truth sets in...
then love becomes perfect!
Accept me for who I am, 
I'm never like anyone you've met, 
never like who you have seen or read;
I am  ME!

A chosen spokesman of my ancestors... Love me,
and love my ancestors,
they are blessed by the cosmos,
love me,
and love my destiny which is great,
love me
and love yourself, 
You, who is my rib and flesh...
To the sacrificial bond of love!!!





Let me have a touch of your aura,

raising the knob of darkened altar,

splitting this hot steamed flower of life

into the oiled creamed beam of breath.


Genocide, Xenophobia, Massacre,

3 blood sucking brothers of the West,

who dwell beyond the mighty oceans

casting arrows of division since 1884.


Alas! flame returns with dizzy hiatus,

voices in millions chanting one love,

yet, continent is divided; stolen from.

All, with no Black Alliance; Sirte 1999!



Lady Medecia



when the night calls it a day
and the dark voice knocks
yöu run hare like to the club
to see the new delivered flesh
that your eyes want to devour

your eyes is big enough yet,
not see tomorrow
it gets wet every time and day
yöu long to devour them
her shapy laps is your choice

fresh blacks on a day one
sweet fair damsel on another
yöu shed innocent blood oh
for your shatty desires of cash

they hail yöu even to your grave
yöu drink PARAGA today
take POROGO on a morrow
digging your own grave early

there yöu dine with the devil
yöu carry YEMOJA with grin
your grim enough to wake a soul
a sweet bitter moment await yöu

she danced and rolled her waist
twatting on your evil blind eyes
yöu thought yöu ve won to struck
ohh! it your end hour

yöu mounted on QUEEN MENINA
this fun is now your last
she struck like a flaming fire
and melt off your heart.

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